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Project Management Office Solutions

Revolutionizing Project Management: Harnessing the Power of Comprehensive PMO Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency, Strategic Planning, and Seamless Execution.

Types of PMO

The Edge Consulting PMO services is knowledgeable to manage & govern project management offices for large or medium size business:

EPMO – Enterprise Project Management Office

Enterprise-wide PMO engineered to service all Portfolios and Programs related to Business strategic and commercial goals, providing value in empowering and scheduling PMO staff to deliver on matrix-level projects whilst providing governance towards Methodology and Frameworks to meet these goals within budget, scope and timeframes. By managing Stakeholder communications and expectations, the EPMO ensures continued value towards business and commercial goals.

TPMO – Transformation Project Management Office

Business transformation is most effective as a ‘Top Down’ approach. Driving disruptive change management as an effective means for company wide transformation, the TPMO is built around sourcing the best in the industry to meet the clients ‘Next Gen’ goals. Be this the business internal process transformation or their external client engagement transformation, the TPMO plans and executes the necessary programs and projects with executive backing throughout the business.

ISPMO - Information Services Project Management Office

The effectiveness of Solution Design, Product Development, and Release Management in the implementation of strategic portfolio projects within the realm of IT is contingent upon the comprehensive alignment and preparedness of the PMO department to adeptly manage and deliver on stakeholder expectations; leveraging cutting-edge tools, technology, and frameworks, the PMO meticulously plans and executes, in close collaboration with business stakeholders.

PMO Methodologies

A project management office is specially created to manage a portfolio of projects on behalf of the business. Monitoring and controlling project performance; organizational learning; development of project management competencies and methodologies; as well as having a deep understanding of the project management world, are just some of the benefits a PMO brings to the business. With Edge Consulting’s vast experience in IT projects and project management solutions, we ensure the optimal mix of people, technology, and processes to empower the PMO to stay nimble and fit for purpose with Best Practices and PM trends to enhance delivery.